Friday, October 22, 2010

"We Eat Mystical Poetry"

today i`m gonna write about our class mystical poetry events that took place on 15th October 2010. this event was organised by my class, engl 1515 sec 3 for our continuous assessment mark(20%). so our team got the theme mystical poetry, (other class got romantic and beat poetry). best kan? hehehe. so what is mystical poetry actually? we kind of interpret it ourselves and came up with these sub themes-Birth, Life, Death, and Destination(the hereafter). and the characters were demons, angels, adulterers, illegitimate child, murderer, pain, memories, arrogance, and malakul maut(played by me, yours truly). hehehee. my group was in charged with Death, so, we acted a scene of sakaratulmaut of an arrogant man. so, that`s how i got the part- malakul maut. here`s some pictures of the night taken from my friends fb. hope they don`t mind. hehehehe.. ;). 
make-up time~ hehehe

aku sorang je tiba2 menyibuk kaler hitam. huahauhau
lovely classmates!

natijah make up itu tadi, credit to liya safura, hehehe

so, overall, alhamdulillah, the night was a success. several people even praise my performance. thanks to them :D. and also i felt honoured to be choosen for the performance. tq2. but of course, there`s some bad news, our lecturer said that our performance was a little off the theme :(. huk huk. but still she gives credit to the performance, so, hopefully she would not deduct too much marks of our group. huhuhu. but all in all, we are all the best! (^_^). best night ever! yeah!


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