Sunday, June 27, 2010

Life of Pi.

i`ve decided that this book,life of pi by yann martel is definitely my favourite book of all time! and i totally recommend it to all. :D

now, let me tell you what makes this book so interesting. this book is about a 16-years-old boy named Piscine Molitor Patel (Pi) who managed to survive the 227 days in a lifeboat after his ship sunk. not interesting enough? well, he also had companions in the life boat- an orangutan, a zebra with, a hyena and of course a 450 lb bengal tiger!.

this book is divided into three parts- the first part told you the background of pi and his family, the second about pi struggle to survive the Atlantic ocean and the third part was the story after his survival and the conclusion which really amazed me.

 in addition, the theme of this book is not just about survival but also about faith. growing up in india, pi has created a fondness for religion. as a result, he decided to practice three religions- islam, christian and hindu - SIMULTANEOUSLY! there`s this funny scene when the three religious leader- the imaam, the priest and the pundit altogether met pi with his family at the park. that`s when pi`s polygamous practice of religion be known. it`s very funny really when the three leaders debated with each other about who`s religion was best.

this book which had been called the story that will make you believe in god is truly filled with wisdom and humor . it was even hailed as a modern classic and i truly believe that it deserved that title.

p.s: gosh! i truly loved this book, going to buy new copy for myself and re-read it. yo, take good care of my book yup? hehehe

Thursday, June 24, 2010


meet my friend, nasyat nasir. he`s a very generous friend.

tq for everything. ;)
tiba-tiba teringat kat kawan-kawan time sekolah dulu- afiq asyraf, afiq salam, n zahin zakwan. lama tak jumpa diorang. sbb cuti kitorang x sama. huuhhu.
p/s: baru perasan yg xde lagi entry pasal kawan sekolah. huhu

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

my l.o.v.e.s

~enough said~ :D

p/s:  kenapa gambar ni jadi rotate? T_T

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Journey. :D

salam all,

first of all, nak suruh korang jgn terkejut tengok post baru dari blog aku ni.. hahahhaa. dah berzaman nmpaknya x tulis blog.. hohoho.

now, i want to tell you about the UPU result that i recently got.. i`m sure that most of you already know that i`ll be continuing my studies in International Islamic University of Malaysia in Language and Literature Course. Allhamdulillah, Thank You Allah :').. though it is not the degree that i wanted at first but i know that i ought to be thankful for there are others who are much more unlucky than me.. i`m so sorry for those who did not get the course that they wanted or didn`t get any courses at all.. i hope that you guys stay strong and never give up yup? put a smile on your face and believe in the fate of The Almighty ok?.. i hope that this link will help you find your strength and believe in Allah always. :)

ok, let`s move on to next topic-IIUM GOMBAK!!.. ok, actually i`m a little nervous about going to this new place. (=_=!). huhhuuhu. there`s just so much "what if" in my mind right now- what if i can`t find any friend?, what if IIUM is strict like hell?, what if i`m not happy?,, wahhh! cuak lah.. lebih2 lagi pasal minggu taaruf tu nnti.. sangat x best.. T_T.. dan paling aku takut sekali- what if i can`t score very well? i put very high hope in myself. what if i fail myself? T_T.. lebih2 lagi there`s only two of us from uitm kuantan who will be studying in IIUM..

okeyh, enough! i think that this`s normal, think positive asyraf! huhuhu. 

but there`s also some things that i like about IIUM GOMBAK.. let`s check it out shall we? hehehe.

                                                                  beautiful ain`t it? hehe
      ni bangunan apa ni? lantaklah, yg pnting lawa! hahahaha
cultural activity centre.. :-O
 IIUM Mosque.. woh! lawa tue! hehe
pictures from flicker. :D

dah, malas dah nak upload gambar. lawa kan architecture IIUM ni? heheehe. wah! wah!. other thing that i found out about IIUM is that it have a swimming pool! OMG! i love to swim! hahaha. and i read in someone`s blog that the room will be equipped with new furnishes! (tp, x sure kalau semua pon camtu hahaha).. i guess that this is all the things that i wanted to share with you guys, next time, i`m going to share bout my course maybe. hehehe.

p/s: harap2, IIUM tu mmg seindah dalam gambar tu. hohoho

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


sungguh ganjil,
bagaimana bisa sekian lama,
aku tergiur
oleh yang bukan ENGKAU.

currently reading:


Kata Salsabila Fahim, ini cerita kecil,
cerita sederhana, tentang dia lari berteduh
di bangsal di puncak bukit
bersama Kamil dan Lam Ping Hai ketika hujan mula gerimis.

Kata aku, ini perkara besar ,
hal berteduh sementara duga datang mencuba bukan hal main-main.

Kata Teh Sofia, ya,
Kerja Tuhan siapa tahu ?

Kata aku, Tuhan akan menunjukkan
kepada yang mencari. Ya, asal kau mahu
mencari, Dia menunjukkan.

Apa kata kau ?

p/s:malay books is not that bad. hehehe :D

Thursday, June 3, 2010


when i think of you,
i realize that i
never stop loving you...

oh, how it hurts~