Thursday, July 15, 2010

jauh di mata dekat di hati.


kalau dekat di mata, jauh di hati?

itu lebih sakit bukan?

11 days in IIUM.

sorry for the long absence, i haven`t registered for my wifi yet. huhu. sekarang tengah berblogging di library lima tingkat IIUM.. best la kat sini very the world class.. hehehe. sekarang hari2 pegi library bukak facebook.. hahaha.

facilities kat IIUM ni memang best- macam2 ada dekat sini- bank, cafeteria with varieties of food, post office, kedai mustika ratu pun ada (motif betul kedai mustika ratu ada kat sini).. hahaha. sekarang hidup aku dah stable sikit after my first damn hectic week. oh god, what a nightmare! walking aimlessly around the campus to get to my kulliyyah department to register my course and find my classes. like seriously, i had been walking around and around the campus that my feet hurt like hell after i arrived to my mahallah and this is all thanked to the lady who told me that the place i was looking for was at another building miles away. then, guess what? the place i was looking for was actually at that exact place i met that lady. (T_T)..

after that damned first day, things went back to a little better i might say. i managed to register all my course. that`s 15.5 credit hours. this sem, i`ll be learning- intro to masscom, poetry, intensive expository writing, arabic T_T, sciences of quran, and revelation as a source of knowledge. i think that poetry subject seemed to be very interesting. for the assessment, we are to perform a poem, analyses songs and the hightlight will probably be the poetry night that the whole class will have to organize. and plus, the lecturer for this subject, miss sheena was like very good in this subject. she somehow managed to bring the passion into poetry. can`t wait for her class! hehe.

anyway, i miss my friends so much, i felt so lonely here. i`ve to eat alone and walk anywhere alone. now i realised how hard to make friends with somebody is. huhuhu

but, i`ll survive, i know it!

p/s: tadi bangun lambat, 10 minit before the class start, dahla class dkat hujung dunia. kalau dkat uitm kuantan dulu, bangun 10 minit before class boleh consider awal lagi. lepas 4 tahun, hopefully boleh kurus. hhahahaa