Monday, April 18, 2011


Small, dried, shrivelled,
that is the state of my
Like raisin.

the words of Sheikh Bilal Philips delivering his khutbah comes to mind-

"you didnt really believe in Allah, you become a Muslim JUST IN CASE that there's Allah."

Astaghfirullah. Nauzubillah.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

world nowadays.

First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a communist;

Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist;

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist;

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew;

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out for me.
-Martin Niemoeller

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ENGL 1525.

The Island

ENGL 1525. as expected of an Intro to Drama class- the fun!. In fact, i think i got more than what i bargained for from this class. :D.

And our class project- the performance of The African Play, The Island was a success i think. what a blessings that i`m with such a talented and dedicated groupmates!

And Miss Sheena`s remarks about our plays?  - i just cant stop smiling! :D

Friday, December 31, 2010

Life of Pi: Illustrated Edition.

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recently went to bookexcess, bought this book for RM24.90! cheaper than my bought paperback, are you kidding me?!! so happy okeh! what a bargain! :D. everybody should just hurry, and get your own copy now! hehehe.

p/s-i`m sssooooooooo in loooovveeeeee with bookexcess right now!



you`re life`s not that interesting, 
why would you ever want to blog about it anyway?


Sunday, November 28, 2010


We have not always found comfort in killers.
We have not always found solace being rocked
in the bosoms of those who silently pray
and openly destroy.
No, not always have we mistaken mimicry for mastery
or pretending for knowing
or enslavement for freedom.
But across my memory—
across my memory marches millions—
bold, regal, resilient, confident—
unshackled feet stumping up spirits
to guide us through this fickle material world.
We like sun and moon folk,
universal souls praying our prayers,
singing our songs.
Eshu, Ogoun, Shango, Yemaja, Oshun, Obatala, Oya,
Damballah, Ayida Wedo, Loa, Nkongo, Olodumare and Yami.
We know all of you by name.
We are people of beginnings, of culture, of strength.
Not always have we given into the empty threats
and scare tactics of the powerless ones.
Not always have we allowed the blood of our sons and daughters
to color the streets while we’re walking asleep,
marching to the beat of that siren song.
They’re still wearing their sheets,
with nooses in reach,
showing their teeth and smiling, it seems.
But I hear in the breeze
in the rustle of the trees
and the dangling of the feet,
they say, please, don’t let them ever forget.
You see, not always have we suffered from amnesia.
Not always have we forgotten how to conjure up spirits,
ancestor wisdom,
fix up a mixture,
spiritual elixir,
ancient traditions.
We, like magicians,
god-like vision, we—
we are people of sight.
So, no, not always have we fallen
for this okie doke
or inhaled the hazardous smoke of the manipulators
or been satisfied with crumbs for meals
our hands have prepared.
Hughes said life for us ain’t been no crystal stair,
but at least the steps are there
to push us up higher,
teach us how to go beyond the destroyer’s disguises,
look them in the eyes and be able to see.
Because what’s surprising when you know the nature of a beast
and especially when they’ve shown the same face for centuries?
So you tell me,
what’s the difference between two sisters in New Orleans
shot point-blank in the back of the head,
and two women bound in their car in Baghdad?
Or government-sanctioned killings in Kenya,
and a sister held hostage in a house in Virginia?
Or poverty in Haiti, poverty in Jamaica,
rape in Rwanda or rape in Somalia?
A sweatshop in China or one in Guatemala?
Or small pox and blankets, syphilis and Tuskegee,
formaldehyde and FEMA, ethnic cleansing and Katrina?
I recall within a speech Dr. King made us aware,
he said injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.
So they can spare us their drama, huh?
We got the heart of them field working mamas.
We carry the torch of that ancestor fire.
So with every fiber that flutters in our being,
with every find that comes from our seeking,
with every hearing that comes from our listening,
and every sight that comes from our seeing,
we must be faithful, strategic, victorious and free.

-Sunni Patterson 

BBW Book Sales. (^_^)

Assalamualaikum~~~ long time no post eh? hehe

ok, so for today i will share about my recent going to the BBW Books Sales.

you guys familiar with Big Bad Wolf Book Sales?
well, let me tell you this- it is the ultimate books-shopping experience that i`ve been to! (so far).
this once-a-year book sales offers books at 70-90% discount! imagine that and it is not used books okeyh!
this year, the event was hold on the 12-17th november at south city plaza and i got a chance to be there~ hehehe

so i went there from gombak and after 2 bus rides, one lrt ride and one ktm ride later, i arrived to this "heaven for booklovers". and actually went there alone because nobody wanted to accompany me. (T_T). wuwuwuwu. oh, and i went there on the first day and in the morning where the famous, most-coveted books were still there. most of titles by stephen king were already "cleaned" though, and it`s only an hour since the sales start, how crazy is that? but i was unfortunate enough to get 2 of his books- the stand, and skeleton crew which by the way, both was the last copy of the title.

here are some pictures :-

the sales! - look at all those beauties! the varieties and choices almost killed me. hhahah

my stash of books, i brought the green bag *was prepared coz i know my books would be heavy.

my beloved books! <3

i could die happy~

i honestly can say that the experience of going to the sale was to be compared to going to genting or vacation or something like that. hahaha. i mean the books were so cheap that the sales prepared boxes for the customers to put their books in and my stash of seventeen books were actually very little to be compared to those other crazy bookies! hahahaha.

you know what? i`m craving for next year BBW sales already! and i will prepare much much more money than this year which was RM 180 something. ahahaha.

hey, even if you`re not so much of a book person, you should at least come for there are a lot of books varieties -architecture, recipes, children books, political, history, and academic things like the dictionary i bought. and who knows that you would be able to gain interest in reading. i mean, reading is never bad right? hehehe :P

p/s-i don`t know why, but too much reading novels will always cause sleep disturbance to me.  i mean, continous images will appear in my mind during my sleep. is this normal? (>_<)

Saturday, October 30, 2010


just read teacher`s saliza blog, and oh my, i just found out that my beloved f.4 and f.5 english teacher just had her retirement.

best teacher ever.
masyaallah, so much was her contribution towards her students.
really, she`s one of the reason why i take english as my major,
she made me fell in love with english.

selamat bersara teacher juriana!
may Allah bless you always...

walaupon agak cliche, tp nak letak jgak puisi ni. huhuhu. -

Jika hari ini seorang Perdana Menteri berkuasa
Jika hari ini seorang Raja menaiki takhta
Jika hari ini seorang Presiden sebuah negara
Jika hari ini seorang ulama yang mulia
Jika hari ini seorang peguam menang bicara
Jika hari ini seorang penulis terkemuka
Jika hari ini siapa sahaja menjadi dewasa;
Sejarahnya dimulakan oleh seorang guru biasa
Dengan lembut sabarnya mengajar tulis-baca.


p/s- always loved her humor, quizzes and chocolates. hehehe. (^_^)

Saturday, October 23, 2010


i had deactivated my FB account.
i`m not blocking you k? huhuhuhu

p/s- penggunaan fb sudah out of control. (T_T)

Friday, October 22, 2010

"We Eat Mystical Poetry"

today i`m gonna write about our class mystical poetry events that took place on 15th October 2010. this event was organised by my class, engl 1515 sec 3 for our continuous assessment mark(20%). so our team got the theme mystical poetry, (other class got romantic and beat poetry). best kan? hehehe. so what is mystical poetry actually? we kind of interpret it ourselves and came up with these sub themes-Birth, Life, Death, and Destination(the hereafter). and the characters were demons, angels, adulterers, illegitimate child, murderer, pain, memories, arrogance, and malakul maut(played by me, yours truly). hehehee. my group was in charged with Death, so, we acted a scene of sakaratulmaut of an arrogant man. so, that`s how i got the part- malakul maut. here`s some pictures of the night taken from my friends fb. hope they don`t mind. hehehehe.. ;). 
make-up time~ hehehe

aku sorang je tiba2 menyibuk kaler hitam. huahauhau
lovely classmates!

natijah make up itu tadi, credit to liya safura, hehehe

so, overall, alhamdulillah, the night was a success. several people even praise my performance. thanks to them :D. and also i felt honoured to be choosen for the performance. tq2. but of course, there`s some bad news, our lecturer said that our performance was a little off the theme :(. huk huk. but still she gives credit to the performance, so, hopefully she would not deduct too much marks of our group. huhuhu. but all in all, we are all the best! (^_^). best night ever! yeah!